“That’s what they want you to think.”

We’re worn down. Or anyway, at least I am. The near constant need to want to ask, “What now?” (in my totally, super adult-ish, whiney, tired voice) just gets old and … tiresome.

What planet are we on?

Who decided we were going to change another definition (or that definition again)?

What happened to truth, to reality?

Since when was everyone okay with extra-marital affairs, not to mention LGBTQP pressure on children?

“That’s what they want you to think,” says Mr. Justamom. He’s a wise guy and he’s right.

As much as I’m tired of the fight- As much as I feel like a rock covered in Goliath’s spittle, stepped on and surrounded by cowards and ostriches- God’s still in charge and he’s waiting for us to sign up for the role of David or Daniel or Meshach.

Yet, we have to sign up for the role where God’s the one getting the glory. We have to put God first. Which isn’t what I’d intended to write about.

I’d intended to write about the growing mountain of government “emergencies.” It makes me want to quote the Princess Bride:

Thousands of North Dakotans have tried to curtail our government’s abuse of “power.” We’ve tried. Being nice hasn’t helped. Pleading hasn’t helped. Being a bitch hasn’t helped. (Well, it helped a little bit, maybe… But it’s hard to sustain. North Dakota is nice after all.) What is often considered complaining helps improve awareness but, big butt, our selected legislators DO NOT CARE.

So, I don’t know exactly what to do. I’m beginning to the think the secret is public testimony for each bill. After all, that’s what the other side does.

I know they certainly want us to think that there’s no hope. But even as a spit-slimed rock, (that the Governor will happily crunch under his very, very clean “farm boots”) I don’t need to worry. Even stones can cry out to The Lord.

I do know that they want us to think there’s no hope. I do know that they want us to think we’re out numbered. I know they want us sad, demoralized and giving up.

God doesn’t. He Wants us to keep working, to keep having the courage of David and Daniel and Noah. So I’m going to try to not worry and not quit and I hope others will too.

And I am going to find time to write out testimony. It certainly seems to be effective. So effective it seems that they’ve kinda made it a PITA to do.

And pray.


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