What’s it gonna take?

Many have been working hard.  Praying, researching, sharing and yet we still see relatively little results.

I started a book recently whose main character had gotten a virus as a child that damaged their heart.  They desperately wanted to be special before they died of heart failure.  The lies are so normal now that they’re just backstory material in a fictional book.

Climate change is the cause of infant heart  problems.  It seems children are now more valuable as medical experiments than as amazing humans.  The death tolls are staggering

Annnnd no one cares.

Yet, untold millions of customers, who bought over 200 products were affected by the lettuce/listeria recall.   There were no deaths.  Just 10 “linked” illnesses resulted in this massive recall.

The tenth death out of 29 million customers spurred an airbag recall

The eighth suspected infant suffocation resulted in the recall of 3 million Boppy pillows.

But there’s nothing on the horizon to stop the mRNA injections.  Why?

Basically, the propaganda machine is too strong.  Many are here:

Pardon the french…

But no one else is, so we’re wondering, what’s it gonna take?  Here’s the bad news.  The CDC vaccine advisory board and CEO of Pfizer and a bunch of others have done their studies of us and they’ve shut down the public sharing of information. 

If we assume the average person knows 500 people, then it’s going to probably take a minimum of a 1 in 500 death rate, before there’s change.  Honestly, it’ll probably take more. 

The people making money off the mRNA injection sales, the increases in medical care, the illnesses and the deaths seem to know, that as long as the deaths don’t go below 1 in 1000, (which is where we are) they’re golden.

The outlook might even be worse than that.  If we look at the famous Erin Brockovich case, over 600 people were named as defendants in the 1996 trial.  In the 2000 census there were 1,915 residents and 485 over the age of five had a disability.

We know some families moved out of Hinkley following the trial and there were 199 people of the over 600 defendants that didn’t live in Hinkley at the time of the trial.  If we just use the data from 2000, we can see that it took more than 1 illness in every 4 people in Hinkley, CA to force change to happen.

Can you imagine? 1 in 4 medical injuries from mRNA injections, might be what it will take.  We’re at what I’d consider close, when you combine all the side effects (like 19% myocarditis or 44% miscarriage rate of trial participants or the 1000% increase in neurological disorders in military pilots) and the death statistics. 

I wonder what the liability costs for all those involved in the coercion, particularly those in our state government roles, will be.  Maybe our legislature should look at some of those cases.  But truly that’s not the most  important factor.

Most important, are the lives hurt and lost. The children condemned to early deaths due to a “virus’s damage” to their heart, their brains, the skin, life without their parents who took the shot to protect their children; they are what matters most.

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