The Love Of Money

Is there anything the government “loves” more? I’ll grant you the entity known as the government doesn’t claim to have the ability to love. Yet, the vast majority of their work is consumed with the spending and administration of that gloried substance, money.

You might even define money as the numero uno “compelling government interest.” Second in line, would of course be paperwork.

Paperwork, we’re all familiar with it. Some excel at it, certainly any government office does. So when the government is successfully working to pass a law allowing them to cancel any “religious” activity as long as they completed a bit of paperwork, we should all find that highly concerning.

Religion, from Atheism to Hinduism is a collection of strongly held, often personal beliefs. So given the current trends in society a religious activity might be anything: piercings, spaghetti, yoga, or even singing.

Certainly the Church of Satan is happily enjoying religious freedom. Thus, again, we should all be down right worried about the soon to be law North Dakota House Bill 1136.

1136 takes the “In Case Of “Emergency”” break religious freedom law and expands it to everyday life.

Wink wink

The government of North Dakota will soon be able to cancel your religious activity as long as they are willing to do the paperwork. Which of course, they are.

Just one example. ND doesn’t just like paperwork, they like it just so.

Said paperwork must include:

  • A statement of compelling government interest
  • A statement that they shall endeavour to apply the restriction equally to secure and religious activity
    • So monthly body piercings for religious activity (as in some forms of Hinduism) must also apply to monthly body piercings for non-religious activity. (Pay no attention to the fact people generally don’t do such things non-religiously.)
  • A State that the government imposed limitation on your activity is believed to be the “least restrictive.”

That’s all. Just three little talking points and poof, your religion means nothing when faced with the most lauded entity of all “a compelling government interest” (you know… money).

Say for example, if the state of North Dakota were to receive financial benefit from a “public health crisis,” would they not have a compelling interest to work to continue having the “crisis”?

Did you know that our state participates in 59 federal aid programs for K_12 public schools? Would it be a logical leap to suggest that then having more kids in public school is a compelling government interest?

Running through the idea we can see that this is an easy one to say is equal for non-religious activity. As for least restrictive method, dude the school buses come right to your house! Toss in some language about socialization, metrics and rubrics, slap a little alphabet soup behind your name and voila! Homeschool – poof! (Which is not to say that the choice to homeschool is only a religious one. For many it’s simply the desire to ensure their child’s successful future, rather than leaving it up to the crap shoot that can be public school.)

Thanks to this bill’s poisoning of human rights, it may be that all children shall now be indoctrinated into the LGBTQP beast (yes, that’s P for pedophile) because Kiersten Baesler’s public school is making amazing achievements possible for our children…

So… 1136? It passed the house with flying colors. The judiciary committee gave it a “Do pass” and they’re “real smart” so it must be good.

If you don’t want paperwork supported cancellation added to your actual stated legal Hunan Rights, please contact your Senator.

If you can’t see how HB 1136 lays chains on both you and your children, please read some history.


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