The News

After having been blessed with a first hand opportunity to see how “The News” works here in North Dakota I understand the situation we are in a little bit more than before. The biggest lesson I learned is what’s not “The News.”

Here’s what’s not news:

  • Wasteful spending of government
  • State Auditor confirming that the secretary of state has election equipment on the internet
  • North Dakota’s 2020 federal election results are nearly identical, vote for vote, to Virginia’s Youngkin election. Proving that the machines run a predetermined computer program.
  • Local instances of regular people successfully overcoming tyrannical abuses of power
  • A county raising taxes to the highest level allowed by state law
  • That 700+ people have less value than two legislators
  • Which batches of Covid injections are being distributed within North Dakota
  • High school students traveled to Bismarck to see legislators but were denied once there
  • People trying to deliver letters to Lt. Governor Sanford being denied
  • Lt Governor Sanford and others refusing to accept letters mailed to them through the United States Postal Service
  • Injection clinics in public schools
  • People unable to vote in person during 2020 because their precinct was missing
  • The personal stories of students publicly shamed by teachers
  • When government officials lie
  • When representatives get nasty
  • When representatives vote for legislation they know is bad, and they do it anyway

So really anything related to tyranny and the truth, elections, covid, real people brave enough to speak out… Apparently all of that is not “The News.”

Or at least, I guess, that’s just my opinion. It’s obviously not The News.



  1. Too bad that it isn’t The News! The truth isn’t news, lies are news, lies are trusted. Thank you for speaking the Truth News!


  2. Our county prides itself that they have the lowest taxes in the state BUT spin that to their taxpayers as ‘see we have a lot of room to increase’ … every time they increase them. There is no reason our state can’t use the legacy fund to have no taxes but that would make too much sense and take away their spending base for their pet projects


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