Let Us Hope We Are Only Lost, pt 3 of 3

Once in history, the Israelites were owned as slaves in Egypt. You’ve probably heard the tale of the slaves running across the desert with Pharaoh’s army chasing behind them. Moses, their leader, is said to have received a boon of God’s own power when he separated the waters of the Red Sea. The Israelites walked across a dry sea bed, presumably past towering walls of water on either side. The safety and freedom of the slaves now secure from their cruel owners.

But what then? They headed to Canaan. God promised them the land “of milk and honey.” Yet, when they arrived, even after witnessing the 12 plages, the separation of the Red Sea and following a literal floating pillar of fire across the desert, approximately 80% did not trust God to give them the land of Canaan.

So they wandered. They wandered in the desert for 40 years. Even after having seen the finish line, the goal, the promised land. After having touched it with their own hands, they were promptly lost.

Lost in the desert for forty years as punishment for lack of faith. They stayed lost until each member of the generation that did not trust God died.

Why does this matter?

America is facing hard times. In fact, countries all over the world are. We have, mostly, stopped following God. We have accepted child sacrifice on a massive scale. We bow down before idols of our own creation. We are deceived by pharmakia. We might even be said to have embraced cannibalism due to the unfettered use of aborted tissues in research. We invite the church of Satan into our schools. We coerce children into all manner of evils.

At the very least, we simply allow all these things and more to happen. We are too busy. We don’t care.

IF we had simply not trusted God to follow through on His promise, it would seem fair that we be subject to forty years of wandering and perhaps we will.

But I fear that our punishment is much greater. Which of today’s countries is mentioned in the Bible? Yeah… Pretty much none. Some Americans love to debate which phrase in the Bible “is us.” How about we realize none of them are?

What if, for these horrendous crimes,

our punishment is to be wiped from the face of the earth. But unlike the people from the time of Noah, and unlike the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, we will endure a slow torturous scraping away? What if we are going to be forced to watch our children and grandchildren suffer the effects of our immense hubris?

After the murder and consumption of billions of infants, why should we be trusted with any?

Did anyone notice that there was a 300% to 400% increase in miscarriages last year?




VAERS Summary for COVID-19 Vaccines through 11/19/2021


Miscarriages are generally considered to occur 25% of the time. An increase of this magnitude equates to virtually all. Virtually all pregnancies. Or the 471% increase in female infertility? Or the warning for men who have been given the Covid injection not to attempt to have children?

Almost no new babies. Can you imagine?

It would be a fitting punishment for the crimes. God would be justified. It would even be better for the child to be miscarried by psuedo-natural processes as the result of the introduction of foreign proteins within the mother’s womb than vivisected by a technician procuring tissues for research.

So let us hope, we are only lost. Let us hope that it’s only 40 years of wandering that we face. Let us hope that we may be forgiven for our innumerable evils.

Let us beg for God’s mercy. We know He is a loving and merciful God. Let us pray for positive change like our children’s lives depend on it, because it looks like they actually do.


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