I’m a mom, so a am very experienced in using that particular phrase. “Stop it” comes in many varieties. From the, I have to scream to be heard over the screeching of many children, to the soft, quiet, death growl that’s scary as _____ to my kids. You know this mom’s serious when she growls.

So dear people of the world, this is a mom quietly, growling. “STOP IT!”

Stop apologizing to make people happy.
Stop giving in to lies.
Stop saying, “Oh I’m not trying to challenge [your incorrect facts].” Unless, you are going to include the fact that their “facts” are fake.
Stop letting “them” steer the conversation and define the words.
Stop saying, “I’m not saying Covid’s not real…” before you say “masks (or whatever) are unhealthy.”
Stop being afraid to stand out, look different, or upset someone.
Stop living in fear of losing your job. Do you have any idea how desperate employers are for competent employees?
Stop saying, “I’m not anti-science…” before you quote actual science that people just don’t like.
Stop giving an inch and watching a mile disappear.
Stop saying, “Of course we don’t want to make abortions so inaccessible that women return to back alleys. Safety first.” Safety for who?
And please for the love all that’s sacred, stop centering your life on shopping. Yes, I know that the hunter/gatherer instinct is strong with you, but there’s more to life than consumption.

Grow a spine, grab your balls and remember that allowing evil, IS evil. Yeah, that might mean you. What world do you want your kids to grow up in? Is this world full of lies and fear what is best for them? Well, it’s our job to fix it. That’s what we’re here for.

Okay. Stepping down off of my soap box now.


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