Lost, part 2 (of 3)

It’s taken a while to get here. It’s been more than a month. I have been stuck, not that I expect any of y’all to care overly. I just feel the need to explain. I have been thoroughly disheartened and dismayed by overwhelming quantities of good people who do nothing, who allow evil to prosper and worse.

That’s the problem, for all of us. What happened to our ability to discuss things?

To paraphrase a wise friend, “If you’d just shut up, stop blogging, stop writing letters, stop trying to change things, people wouldn’t have a problem with you.” But, I can’t. Lord knows, I’ve tried many times. Yet, I cannot silence my belief that people need to know things and I just need to blather on. So here we are- part two.

Part 1, if you missed it and are curious, reviewed information about fetal tissues and it asked rude questions that few have the guts to say out loud.

Part 2, I once naively explained to a family member that Trump was the mean dad America needed. That our recalcitrant adults behaving like toddlers who’d never been told no, let alone the truth, needed a stern male figure in their lives who could say “no.”

Yeah, that didn’t go over well. I didn’t know people could turn that shade of pink so quickly. I am not “a Trumper” though I did vote for him, twice. And I still think I was correct. America needs a mean dad. Someone who will loving tell their daughter, “I know you like that boy, and he’s nice. But he looks like a rat. Do you want rat-faced children?”

A dad who gives a young boy a hammer and a nail for every mean word said, instructs the boy to nail each nail in, until the head is flush. When the work is done, he explains that insults are like nails piercing a person’s heart. Then the father gives the boy the next job; pull all the nails out and undo the damage.

Trump though, was never our dad. He was more like a babysitter that displayed a shocking ability to tell the mother of three little boys that a basement floor covered in dried, sticky pee stains, was gross. A mere moment in time. Our true father is of course God, who is literally The Truth. While Trump had moments of truth telling, that ability appears to have been exhausted. God’s Truth on the other hand, never runs out.

Yet, in many ways, we’ve convinced ourselves that God either doesn’t notice, or isn’t real enough to matter. Even Amy Grant’s “Better Than A Hallelujah”, Alanis Morisette’s “What If God Was One Of Us” (yes, I’m old) or Lauren Daigle’s “Look Up Child” teach us that God is distant, absent and disengaged.

America and the world have collectively rejected and ignored Him. We’re covering our ears screaming, “La la la la. I can’t hear you.” We’re distracting ourselves with shiny objects, flashy lights and empty promises. We pride ourselves on the ability to attend church on Sunday and ignore God the remaining 166 hours of the week. And even within that one dedicated hour pastors rail against the injustice of microaggressions and falsely revel in the glory of Adam and Eve’s child-free life before the fall.

We have now taken some of God’s greatest gifts, chewed them up, spit them back out and hurled their broken messes at God’s face.

Our culture no longer values life. We don’t wake up in the morning thankful for our breath. We don’t sacrifice it all for our children. We most especially have no trust in God. No our trust, our faith, is in “science.”

With cultish fervor, we do indeed

We have so whole-heartedly trusted the science that we failed to see the forest for the trees.

Yes, that really is a Christmas tree made out of Covid vaccine vials.

We’ve so thoroughly taken the Christ out of Christmas that we’ve thrown the baby out with the bathwater and all manner of other euphemisms.

We’ve forsaken our God-given immunity in exchange for blind trust in a science that none of us regular people know the details of.

But we are slowly learning. Bit by bit, the information is fed to us. That the shot is at least adenovirus + Covid-19 + HIV. That we are injecting toilet bowl cleaner into ourselves and our children. That America has been organized into experimental groupings such that one nursing home might experience a 90% death rate but another will only see 3% because they were sent different formulas.

As more and more loved ones are available for autopsy, we learn more still.

The spike proteins now produced by the bodies of the injected break the laminin molecule. Myo/pericarditis experienced isn’t just inflammation from a sore muscle. No, it’s inflammation caused by heart muscle cell death.

Above all else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it.

Proverbs 4:23

Of course, it’s not just heart problems we are seeing in those who have gotten the short end of the Covax stick. Newly released documents have revealed that 91% of pregnancies are lost after this injection with this new technology.

Please take a moment and process the implications of that. Ninety-one percent of all pregnancies. Nine out of every ten new babies, dead. Given the accumulation of spike proteins in ovaries, the increase of cancer in reproductive organs, and the measurable change in nearly all women’s cycles not a single regular person knows what our future looks like.

I know that it’s possible that someone, somewhere, knows the exact intended future resulting from all of this, but the rest of us can only speculate.

Ever try to explain this concern to your beloved family and friends? “Why should I care? It doesn’t effect me.” is the most common response.

We’ve handed our hearts and minds to the collective trust in science and asking questions is not allowed.

We have signed ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and the whole of society for mass poisoning and no red flags matter. Not the comparison of deaths to every other medication ever produced nor the comparison to all other vaccines:

952x Fibrin D Dimer (indicator for blood clots)
800x miscarriages (compared to flu vax only)
344x myo/pericarditis
270x heart attack
264x stroke
215x appendicitis
198x Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease
136x aneurysm
114x Bell’s Palsy
110x Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome
73x blindness
66x Parkinson’s
50x ectopic pregnancies
~48x death per year
27x Pregnancy complications
22x adverse events for 2021
20x all cancers

And much much more.

So it’s more than just an abortion happy culture we’ve waltzed ourselves into. As predicted, legalized infanticide has led to extreme cultural rot. Life is not valued. But hey, you can now order your very own, stylish, mobile death pod.

For links to sources for these statements, please head on over to https://t.me/joinchat/xR9GJZbnymxhNGZh

Part three is less awful, I promise.


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