Unity is the state of being one, it is oneness rather than multiplicity. Unity is synonymous with harmony, continuity, and accord. It can also be a complex system of interconnected parts, each different but working together toward a common goal.

I’ve heard it said that if the church does not have unity, then Satan has won. The United Unitary Universalist Church is a great example of unity. At UUUC, unity is following the general idea that we can be inspired by the things around us, regardless of whether or not we follow the Christian God. Such philosophy is increasingly popular, because through such unity we are supposed to have no conflict, zip, zero, zilch. That’s great right? Satan sows division, so all division must be stamped out.

Yet, without a set, written, time-honored, moral code (such as that found in the Bible) to guide our thoughts and actions, even previously unthinkable, evil, immoral behavior becomes accepted.

Who are you to say that my belief in helping people participate in child sacrifice (1) is not okay? My belief is valid to me, and that’s all that matters. If I believe in my own ability to stop death, end illness and grant salvation by wearing a mask, then I must be correct and you cannot challenge me.

Expect for this little, oft ignored, biblical word- reproof. If you claim to be a Christian, a follower of God, a believer in Jesus Christ, a reader of God’s Holy Word, then you need to know about reproof.

Reproof means to identify wrongness, to lay blame, or to prove that something is wrong.

I’ve heard many say things like, “I wear a mask so that people don’t get sick.” Or even “What if I didn’t wear a mask and then I made a person die before they were saved?” With reproof, not unity, we can address these unbiblical beliefs in two quick points.

1) masks do not protect you or anyone else from viruses, rather they increase the likelihood that you will get sick by more than 300%

(I’d be glad to show you the science that proves this. Or even compare scientific studies that seem to indicate masks do work with scientific studies that prove masks don’t work.)

2) God has dominion over the Earth and all that is in it. God knows our coming and our going. God created us in his image. God decides when and how a person lives or dies or gets sick. God decides whether a person is saved or not. You do not have power over viruses. (And in case you don’t know, masks do not stop viruses. Not at all.) You do not have power over other people’s bodies. You do not have power over another person’s salvation.

These ideas that are dividing us, are dividing us with good reason. We, each of us, must choose this day whom we will serve. The two choices are simply God or man. They cannot cohabitate. They are diametrically opposed to one another.

*If* we are going to have unity in the church we must choose to follow God and let, He who is greater, work out the details of life or death, heaven or hell and whether or not the church will get sued, because that would cost money and oh no! God’s not in charge of money… Oh wait…

If we do not chose to follow God, know then, that that lofty ideal of unity, that we must have in order to prevent Satan’s victory is pointless. Satan has already won. If we are following man’s idea that we each have the powers of God, then the unity we have is the unity of hell.

(1) Abortion is modern day child sacrifice. When it’s paid for by our tax dollars, then you and I are participating.


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