We split the baby.

Once upon a time there was a guy name Solomon. He was a king, you’ve probably heard of him and this story.

After Solomon had become king he said, “You have made your servant king, … yet I am but a little child.” He continued on essentially saying ‘God, I don’t know how to do this.’ Solomon then asked God for wisdom, which God rewarded him with. Solomon was said to have been the greatest of all wise men. The story of “Solomon’s Choice” is given as proof of this.

The story is simple in it’s telling. Two women, claimed one baby. Solomon directed that the baby be split into two parts, so that each mother could have an equal part. Such an audacious plan surprised all the lords and ladies of court. The swordsman in charge of carrying out such a plan either understood what the king was doing… or was certainly appalled!

The true mother, when faced with the death of her child relinquished her claim. “No! Oh my lord, give her the living child and by no means kill him.” The other mother (whose own child had previously died) said, “He shall be neither mine nor yours. Divide him!”

Once upon a time in America when it came to a choice of life or death, the bounty of life was always granted to the child. Every mother, father, grandmother and grandfather across the fruited plain (okay well 99.9% of them) would have chosen the welfare of a child first. In 1973 that began to change, greatly change.

We literally split the baby. Look where it’s gotten us. Today we are as divided as two women fighting over a single baby. The sides are both actually strikingly as clear as those in King Solomon’s choice and as clear as mud. Those who worked for their property wish to keep it and those who did not work for the same property wish to have it be forcefully split. Those who seek to protect children stand against those who literally split children. And in the muddy department… those who seek to protect children from the illnesses caused by masking are pitted against those who seem to want to protect everyone with mask mandates for all.

Personally, I see that forcing everyone to wear a mask is a lot like splitting the baby. When we are all wearing masks, it’s like having half a baby, half a life, half a lung. It’s halving freedom, and halving choice. The group that cried “My Body, My Choice,” while killing children (aka removing tissue) now cares nothing for your body or your choice, while increasing sickness for all. The parallel is pretty obvious to me. But, the average American sees up to 10,000 (1) advertisements a day and a large portion of those are now mask ads. Mask manufacturers and mask sellers want you to hand over your money to them in exchange for a mask after all. In addition, government entities, local and national want your compliance. Everyone from the your local school teacher to the state governor are telling us that wearing a mask is a symbol of respect and that not wearing a mask is selfish. So it’s all as clear as mud.

I wish that we would again return to a time when children were protected first. We can’t “un-split the baby” nor can we undo the more than sixty-two million abortions that have occurred thus far in America. (2) We can only keep trying to change things for the better.

(1) https://ppcprotect.com/how-many-ads-do-we-see-a-day/

(2) http://www.numberofabortions.com/


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