Who smiles?

Who smiles while discussing the possibility of jailing 11 year olds for not correctly wearing a face mask?  You might be surprised, that some of the leaders of North Dakota are on video appearing oddly happy about that idea. (1)

It seems that being inappropriately emotional on camera is a trait of the North Dakota leading man. (2) I don’t know if Napoleon had an illegitimate child with a Norwegian or if it comes from our German roots, but somewhere along the line we bred effeminate men that like to flex their thin muscles over the backs of the children and good people of North Dakota.

Whether it be the too busy legislators that always have an excuse at hand or the power-high bureaucrats riding the coat-tails of executive orders, by their hands the people who live here are dying. It doesn’t matter if your business is dying or your spirit is dying.  We’re dying in North Dakota and some of our leaders are smiling about it.

Our duly elected leaders passed the election finish line.  They no longer need to listen to the cries of those driven to suicide by isolation and fear.  They no longer need to listen to Grandmothers placed in solitary confinement.  They no longer care for the world-wide statistical data showing that mask mandates actually increase illness. They no longer care for the health of North Dakotans.

Nope, they care about the number of covid tests listed on the nightly news. After all our State Health Officer specializes in Journalism, Business and Law, rather than health.  While we can’t be assured that his leadership will advance the health of our citizens, at least we can enjoy the fact that someone in North Dakota seems to have actually written his own emergency public health directive this time, rather than simply copied the text of one from New York.

Such knowledge is cold comfort however as we watch our Mom and Pop stores die alongside our actual moms and pops, not to mention the death of youth sports, churches, volunteering and “North Dakota Nice.”

The trend of unmanly, unprotective North Dakota men lacking in common sense might be the most concerning plague on the high plains.  Approval from the liberal bastions of main stream media obviously ranks higher to our leading men, than the health of children, wives, grandmothers and grandfathers.

While the residents are asking where the emergency is, anyone 10 years of age or older is being threatened with up to 30 days in juvie for the criminal activity of improperly covering their nose and mouth. This, in a state where there are less than eleven people per square mile. There are, infact, 260, 504 square feet per person in North Dakota. On average, we’d need to move a minimum of 487 feet, just so that we could be within 6 feet of someone. But hey, the state has been planning to mask, social distance and vaccinate us en masse since at least 2015. (3)

But hey! Let’s all just hide in our homes and wait for this to pass.

I’m afraid that cowardice and ignorance are becoming the primary personality traits of all North Dakotans. It is pure craziness that the home of the founder of the Rough Riders, the first woman umpire and three astronauts would cower. The land know for strength, compassion and common sense ought to do better. In memory of our fighting Sioux, our soldiers, and our homesteaders we ought to be brave.

Every owner of a century farm or a good-year house knows that our roots are built on doing anything, but rolling over. The twenty North Dakota men who received Medals of Honor, Doc Hubbard and even Rhonda Rousy ought to inspire us to fight for what’s right. If we are going to spend another winter patting ourselves on the back for withstanding the forces of nature, for staying when lesser men and women leave, then how, how can we meekly kneel in submission as a symbol of slavery is forced onto our children?!?

We ought to fight for freedom. We ought not to follow anyone who thinks the idea of prosecuting children for mask violations is something to smile about. At the very least we absolutely need to contact our elected officials and demand the return to freedom.


(1) https://m.facebook.com/CityofGrandForks/

(2) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UBdpkgfJH9w

(3) https://www.health.nd.gov/epr/redacted-response-plans/?fbclid=IwAR1a1QCRysZe2lCZ6RweMEO1YBWcBXQlEORVytQA_6ws0fnIdkggPxzc2q0


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