I didn’t read it.

This last week, the North Dakota Legislature did some amazing stuff. We even made national news! (Isn’t that great?)
Stuff like:

  • Preventing testimony
  • Hiding from the people – Let’s play a shell game
  • Insinuating the people are dumb and dangerous
  • Making flat-out false statements
  • Passing unconstitutional laws, just begging for the ACLU to sue us over, that do nothing to protect us and
  • Handing over authority to a single, individual that is not elected by the people.

I mean it’s not like we were surprised. We knew something like this would happen. They are the only ones who get paid to sit there until the “job” is done. The rest of us have families, jobs and responsibilities, not to mention a budget. They know that all they have to do is wait us out.

That didn’t stop the tricks though. The many people who were at the capital Monday morning waiting, in a room so filled that it was standing room only, were not allowed to testify. “Only the prime sponsor of the bills will be allowed to speak,” said Chet Allen Pollert. Chet, who later needed to be advised of correct parliamentary procedure by the same people who’s rights he’d just denied.

The prevention of testimony, even from the bill sponsors, was unusual. It was also unexpected because there was a specific person organizing and scheduling testimony for that committee meeting and others. I suppose it was a surprise to the legislature that scheduling testimony at 9, then never having it and scheduling testimony at 1 but making people wait until 5pm would cause some to not be able to testify.

Kinda like the press conference SNAFU. It was, of course, “just an accident” (we are told). That the 3pm presser was relocated and no one told the people until well after 4.

Pollert’s text rescheduling and moving the Press Conference.

See, the problem is we the people “are too naive and don’t understand how we do things,” Richard Patrick Wardner said from the second, hidden, press conference.

I would guess that the half-a-dozen visible Highway Patrol on site to help direct the crowd waiting quietly and patiently for over an hour, don’t appreciate being used to trick others. They probably also don’t appreciate Wardner’s stated opinion on AM1100 The Flag, that they were unable to keep the capital safe. I mean there were all “those people.” Those people… that entered patiently filing past five security officials and through metal detectors, that politely left the building without incident, while furious after being tricked. Yet, that didn’t stop Wardner from commenting the next day that while the press conference bait and switch wasn’t his fault he certain “those people wanted a piece of our hide.” I’m just guessing though.

The Special Session proved, the people are not better off, for what their government has done. The people of North Dakota began the session with a) no legal authority for vaccine mandates and b) a short letter from the Department of Health about an $85,000 purchase for a vaccine passport QR code. Note: QR codes are FREE to anyone. The people ended the week with less- less freedom, less money, and less hope that our state might be fixable.

Though we did get a few interesting things, like the quotes that should be famous:

“Going into an area where there are no un-vaccinated people grants you the freedom to not get sick.”

Robin Leroy Weisz 11/11/21

Thank you Robin for demonstrating how not a single legislator is familiar enough with the facts know that this statement is flat out wrong and say so. Neither were any aware of current medical information that shows vaccination for COVID-19 gives you a -73% chance of not getting COVID. Which means… roughly 3 in 4 of the recently injected actually do get COVID.

“We have to vote for this because no one in North Dakota wants a vaccine passport.”

Rick Clark Becker 11/11/21

Thank you Rick for rallying the troops to vote for something that does nothing to prevent vaccine passports. It only limits which entities can make them. For example, in Mississippi it’s the DOT and let’s not forget that Mastercard partnered with Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance in 2018 to make a “digital immunization record.” So in addition to doing nothing at all to prevent vaccine passports in North Dakota, the rest of the bill …. well, that’s a problem.

“I didn’t read it. But isn’t it great that it passed!?”

Overheard more than once, later confirmed in email

Thank you all for legalizing discrimination against anyone in the “bubbles” and signing the state of North Dakota up for wasting even more money on legal battles. Yay. Now it’s legal to force a medical treatment on Granny because of “bubbles.” Lets all count the days until the ACLU sues our state for violating the rights of prisoners in “bubbles.” Makes one wonder about the average mental age of our legislators.

Legislators putting together puzzles and playing video games while at the Capitol for the Special Session.

(Remember how our legislators don’t have time to reply to emails or debate bills?)

Thank you to all who didn’t read the bill, but voted for it anyway because someone said you should. We really appreciate your hard work warming up those chairs and “representing” us. To quote from a conversation I had with a North Dakota legislator, “I don’t need people. I’m a legislator.” It’s just a tad odd to the people of North Dakota though, that our law makers don’t know enough about the law to know that their actions are illegal and unconstitutional.

Last but not least, the shortest bill of all, HB1513 – since the redistricting was so “fair” a new law was needed to handle the collateral damage. Hey, it only granted state party chairs the power to appoint district chairs. Then those chairs will “as closely as possible in conformance with [the law]” direct the … ahem… “election” of party positions and candidates.

I mean, it’s not like we have all of our rights at this point anyway. What we have are privileges- some get more than others.

Here is, I think, the key point that Rich missed about the people of North Dakota. We don’t follow him, nor whomever he follows, nor even whatever belief system he follows.

But I say unto you, Love your enemies: bless them that curse you: do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which hurt you, and persecute you

Matthew 5:44

The vast majority of us who are super ticked off, are ticked off because we are waking up to the fact that it is the God-given rights belonging to each of our beloved family members that are being whittled away. That our rights are God-given means that freedom is literally part of our religion, our belief system, our world-view, our life purpose, but so is the knowledge that each of the people named here and countless more stuck in the lock-step of control are God’s children. So yeah, we’re mad. What was done last week WAS NOT/IS NOT OKAY.

So guess what? Wow, we are really praying for you now! (BTW: I can guarantee you no one wanted a piece of Rich or Chet.) We pray that you will wake up. We pray that you will choose the people and the word of God over kickbacks and backroom deals. We pray that you will realize that voting for something bad because your opposing vote “wouldn’t have changed anything” is wrong.

“Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself”

John Stewart Mill

which is to say

“The only thing that allows evil to prosper is when good men do nothing”

not Edmund Burke

Oh, and yeah, we are also doing everything legally possible to remove you. Feel free to join us! Start here: https://ndconstitutionparty.com/call-to-action or here https://ethicscommission.nd.gov

Here are some additional ideas: https://attorneygeneral.nd.gov/consumer-resources/consumer-complaints https://www.nd.gov/eforms/Doc/sfn00143.pdf https://www.ndrealtors.com/consumers/before-you-file-an-ethics-complaint/ http://library.nd.gov/statedocs/LaborDept/FileComplaint/201701.pdf

Note: Justamom will be moving to substack.


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