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They added Tromethamine to the children’s Pfizer jab. Everyone needs to know! They changed the formula without any testing!
Tromethamine’s side effects include necrosis of tissue, depression of respiration, extreme weight gain, swelling in arms or legs, confusion, hunger, sweating, passing out, destruction of blood vessels/leaky blood vessels, inflammatory damage to the lining of the blood vessels, high fevers, blood clots, and death (death according to, the rest according to The purpose of this chemical is to treat acidic blood during chemotherapy.
Side effects increase when there is excess carbon dioxide in the system, like when you are wearing a mask all day.

Which person said this was okay to inject into children? states “not approved for use in children.”

If you download the information sheet at the address above, you can read the description. In the public version linked here, they refer to it as a Tris buffer. Please refer here to the synonyms section:


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