Laying hands

We don’t do that anymore it seems. Laying hands on a person, place or thing in prayer is like, so last century. But, it’s something Jesus did, a lot.

Jesus wasn’t like this:

Did he wear a mask? Nope. Did he stay 3-6 feet apart? Nope. Did he advocate isolation to “protect” others? Nope. How did Christ behave around people, both sick and healthy?

Well, you can look it up for yourself, but in short, he was probably pretty close to one of those people we call “huggers.” Jesus entered the houses of everyone who needed him, healthy or sick. He touched them. He healed them.

Well, yeah…but Jesus is the son of God. Maybe he has super immunity powers. Ok. But that’s how his followers behaved too and pretty much everyone discussed in the Bible right back through Genesis.

Why did they do that? Why didn’t they get sick? It’s because your body is not just your body. You are also a mega apartment complex for trillions of microbes. There are more microbial cells that aren’t you, on and in your body, than there are cells in your body.

“Your body is composed of an estimated 30 trillion human cells, but it is host to more than 100 trillion bacterial and fungal cells, the friendly microbes the coevolved with our species.”

Missing Microbes, Blaser MD

Christ and the people of the Bible were able to touch one another because their hands were covered in microbes. Your hands should be too. Like the beneficial bacteria in your gut, these help you navigate the world without getting sick every time you touch something. That’s not what we have been taught. Nor, is it what we are teaching.

Altogether, the microbes of you weigh about the same amount as your brain. Like your brain, you can’t live without them. Your skin is an ecosystem and it needs the balance of nature that God gave you.

“Bacteria colonize and protect [you].”

Missing Microbes, Blaser MD

Yet, slowly, our society has become focused on germs. Once, it was a sad joke:

Northern Exposure 1992, The Bubble Man

Now, germaphobia is the norm.

From baby TV shows, to The Great Courses, germaphobia has taken over. Rather than fear and revere God, whom we cannot see, we fear and revere germs, whom we cannot see. We trust in the human on TV who says, “Don’t touch!” instead of God who says,

“I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands”

2 Timothy 1:6

And these signs will accompany those who believe: …they will lay their hands on the sick”

Mark 16:18

“So let us leave the simple teachings about Christ. Let us grow up as believers. Let us not start all over again with the basic teachings. They taught us that we need to turn away from doing things that lead to death. They taught us that we must have faith in God. They taught us about different kinds of baptism. They taught us about placing hands on people.”

Hebrews 6:1-2

From washing my hands in front of the faded, water splattered, streptococcal information sheet at my first real job, to living in a hand sanitizer infested world, I have watched the change. We all have. We have become afraid of not only “the virus” but also our own hands, our own skin, and most certainly, everyone else’s skin.

That your skin is an ecosystem, is freaky. Google eyelash mites if you want to shudder. Yet, this is you. Whether you believe that you evolved this way, or that God made you this way, it’s you. You are a system and you need all of your parts.

When we wash our hands too frequently, apply hand sanitizer religiously and avoid touching everything, we are disrupting the system. We are not behaving in a Christ-like, nor healthy, manner.

No where is this more damaging, than in the lives of our children.

Daycare centers and schools across the nation are dealing with the rise of chemical burns, eczema, and hand sanitizer poisoning due to the fears of adults.

Skin irritation, hypersensitivity, cracking and new allergies are on the rise. On average 20,000 children per year are poisoned by getting hand sanitizer in their mouths. A new consequence is eye burns and blindness in children due to hand sanitizer.

God calls us to protect others, especially children. However, the new normal is incredibly un-Christ-like.

Washington Post 4/5/21

From the zoom meeting Sunday services, to the social distancing, to the mask wearing, to the social pressure to get a COVID-19 vaccine that is still in the experimental phase… From the hand sanitizer stands, to the masked children, to the forehead temperature guns…it’s all based on a faith in the expert advice of humans.

None of our “new normal” “Smart Restart”behaviors are Bible based. No surprise there; the government no longer attempts to follow God. Then why should we, as Christians, turn to them for advice on how to behave?

If we want to follow God, we should read what God has to say. We should read it enough that God’s Word fills our thoughts at least as often as the North Dakota department of health’s disgusting attempts at coercion.

We should start acting Biblically. Attend service indoors, with strangers and friends, like the old normal. Let children play with toys, together and without sanitizer. Welcome everyone, the sick and the well. Rely on God, rather than on “guidelines.”

We should lay hands.

Some COVID-19 truths:

Did you know that there has never once been a complete scientific isolation of a virus? When Dr. Derick Knauss , clinical lab specialist focussing on virology and immunology, requested isolated (just/only) COVID-19 samples from the CDC and the WHO, he was denied. The CDC said they didn’t have any.

When we talk about a COVID-19 test, it’s not what most people think. We think it’s like the DNA evidence that solidifies the slam dunk in a murder conviction. It’s not.

1) A COVID-19 test is more like taking a sampling of 50 random people, mixing their DNA together and then using that as evidence in the murder conviction of a single individual.

We see “videos” like this:

and don’t realize that it’s art! It’s a computerized graphic, it’s fake. In reality, images of the virus coronavirus look like this:

The blue coloring is also added. COVID-19 isn’t blue.

COVID-19 has never been separated from the stuff, that it’s in.

2) A COVID-19 test is also not looking for COVID-19, it’s only looking for a few pieces. COVID-19 has been defined as having 60,000 parts, a COVID-19 test only looks for 30-60.

That might sound like enough, until you understand that every living thing is made of the same 4 or 5 pieces. Imagine a 60,000 piece COVID-19 puzzle, with 20,000 identical grey pieces, 10,000 identical blue pieces, 10,000 identical green pieces and 20,000 identical white pieces. Then imagine an Influenza puzzle with the same pieces, only this time there’s 19,692 grey and 21,308 white. It’s how the four pieces are grouped together that defines each virus.

So finding a section of 15 pieces that match COVID-19 doesn’t mean this would not also match Influenza, or something else. Add in the knowledge that neither COVID-19 nor Influenza have ever been fully separated from the stuff surrounding them- the stuff which is also made from the same puzzle pieces and you’ve got a very muddy, unclear mess of a puzzle.

The science isn’t at all like what we think. I could go on about the science, but the bigger point is that world wide, we have reorganized all of our lives based on something that is not seen by the naked eye, nor 100% confirmed to exist.

It’s faith.

CDC now says all these sanitizers are bad. Huh, ya think?

Spraying kids with chemicals to “kill” polio. Turned out it was actually the chemicals causing polio.



  1. Yes! I suppose I would freak out, too, if I didn’t understand that God, Who loves us, is in total control of EVERYTHING, from our finances to our fertility. How different our lives would look if we relinquished control of even the minute details of our lives to Him.

    Anyway, this post is excellent and reminded me of an issue that I used to consider a lot: nosocomial infections. Tens of thousands of people die from them in hospitals every year (never mind the hundreds of thousands who die from medical error every year). So hospitals are basically just microbial death traps, but somehow we as a society shrug it off as an unavoidable? So we fear our homes and our grocery stores but flock to germ-infested hospitals to deliver our babies? Really, the only defense is to develop and maintain a robust immune system. Why aren’t more people interested in learning how to do this? Or is interest growing and I’m just too cynical to notice?


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