I have met some amazing people recently… and I’ve been crazy busy with this big thing. And yes, I burned the cookies in the oven again

Meanwhile, AsheinAmerica has written down almost exactly what I would have said, if only a) I had the time and b) she hadn’t already done such a beautiful job.

Please hop over and read it for yourself.

Then we can all collectively exclaim, “Yes. THIS! This, right here.”

… and one more thing… Really? Can you believe this! You’re not vaccinated when you get the vaccine. You’re only vaccinated if it doesn’t kill you right away.

In my best story reading, deep-man-voice, “Yes, dear people. It’s true. It can kill you later, that’s fine. But if we included those first 13 days after the injection as “vaccinated” well then it would be really obvious that the darn thing is killing and disabling thousands, and we can’t have that now. Can we?”


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