I don’t know how many follow the audit happenings in our fair nation. I hope most do, at least tangentially. If you haven’t, I believe you really should.

There’s a great big problem lurking in our election system. A problem that we all thought had been eradicated back in 1868 with the Fourteenth Amendment.

Perhaps the reason it has gone unnoticed us that its a math problem and we are all culturally influenced by our peers at an early age to eschew math. Unfortunately, math is also just very, very important. We use it everyday, even if we aren’t tallying up the exact dollars and cents of each glass of water or every hour of incandescent light.

Math exists around us, like a force of nature. Like nature, we often don’t pay it much mind, until something big and in-your-face happens.

Well, if you were paying attention to the “math channel” last November, you’d have noticed the biggest storm of mixed up numbers ever covered on election night. (Yes, I know there’s no such thing as the math channel. The giddiness I feel when imagining it though, truly proves how much of a nerd I am.)

Last November, the nation and the world watched as America demonstrated her inability to add. Here’s a nice summary:

What happened was that some votes got counted correctly, and some votes didn’t. As one of the people of North Dakota, I don’t know how my vote got counted. Did I get one whole vote? Or was my vote one of the ones monkeyed with? Perhaps my vote for Trump went through correctly but my vote for governor was split?

Or perhaps my vote was multiplied by -3.56… Because you see, at this point in the addition, Lens/Vig, Write-ins, and Hendrickson/Voytek lost 68 votes while Burgum/Sanford gained 242. It seems that 68 people got 3.56 votes instead of 1. However, it also appears that these 68 people were not granted the freedom to express how they would like our state to move forward.

If we do a little math and compare those that got 3.56 votes to the rest of us, that only got one vote, and then convert this into fifths so that we can understand it in terms of the 1787 Three-Fifths Compromise, we find that most North Dakotans got 1.4/5.

To quote my kid, “Well that’s cheating!”. Yeah. It is. Personally, I’m quite ticked off at the whole thing. Every single North Dakotan should be. No one got a fair shake in this deal: not the 68 who got extra voting power but had it directed to the other candidate, not the rest of us who only got one and four tenths-fifths (say that three times fast), not the candidates who lost votes, not the Governor, nor the Lieutenant Governor. While the Burgum/Sanford ticket won, it apparently wasn’t a fair fight.

Which is why, we in ND, like every other state, need an audit- a full and complete, kinematic forensic audit the likes of which our little state has never seen before- a new solution for a new problem.

We have to know what happened, so we can be sure that something like this never happens again. Because I don’t know about you, but I am NOT OKAY with having 1.4/5 of a vote. The right to free and fair elections is guaranteed to the people THROUGHOUT our state and federal constitutions. The Fourteenth Amendment officially ended the Three-Fifths Compromise. It’s hard to believe people could be so cruel as to have once thought some humans only had 3/5 of the value of others. It’s even harder to believe that some of the people of North Dakota only had 1.4/5 value last November, but here we are.

So I will be printing out the following legal notice and mailing that sucker in.

Please join us in holding our North Dakota Legislators accountable to We, The People, Our North Dakota Constitution, and their Oath of Office by demanding a complete, full Forensic Audit of the 2020 General Election!

Please complete all 6 steps.

Step 1

We, The People, are giving Notice to our elected Legislators. We have to do this in writing and in a way that holds them accountable to the people, the Constitution and their Oath of Office.

Download and print the Audit Notice by clicking on the links below. 

Step 2
After printing The Notices, fill out both of the “To:” sections with the addresses for the House/Senate below. Complete the “From:” section with your personal information. Write your name under the Notice heading after the “I,________________, one of the people” on the line provided. Sign your name on the line above “Autograph” and write the date on the line above “Date.”

You can find your representatives’ addresses at:

Step 3
Take a photo of the signed Notices (all pages) with your phone or use a scanner

Step 4
Mail copies to the all those addressed in the notice.

Step 5
Email copies to the same five North Dakota legislators. You can find their emails addresses at the same link above.

Step 6 Tell everyone how awesome it is that we have the freedom (at least thus far) do this!

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  1. It seems to me the audits should be all anyone is talking about, but I don’t know that I’ve discussed it with anyone of my acquaintance. Oh, except once: a chiropractor I saw a couple months back brought up the subject. He says he watches the audit drip along every night on C-SPAN. Now THAT’S patriotism right there! Put me to shame. (-:


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