That’s not it

Masks do not stop viruses.

Emergencies do not last hundreds of days.

And the CDC recommendations that treat children like murderous criminals are so horribly wrong.

But standing up against tyranny is not something you can dial in. Unlike Meg Ryan’s infamous demonstration:

this isn’t something you can fake.

Stan and Cartman can’t find this one for you.

Complaining to friends is not going to provide you with the a solution filled with loud, repetitive, resounding agreement.

This? All this? This is a “The buck stops here!” make it or break it life changing issue. As much courage as it takes to stand before a crowd, lay out the truth and demand a difference, nothing will change until you literally say no.

These are your children, your lives, your organizations. God gave them to you to protect. You cannot complain about the irrationality of the regulations, then blithely continue to obey the same regulations and expect change.

Rather than taking a few hours out of your evening to attend a meeting or create a new group of disgruntled parents on Facebook, has anyone considered taking the day off work and escorting their child, unmasked, throughout their school day? Have you stood alongside your child and taken the glares and arguments for them? Have you shown them how to stand for what’s right?

Have you walked through the stores as a family, unmasked and smiling, not just once but repeatedly? Have you told your health care provider (or anyone) that your child simply will not be wearing a mask? Have you filed complaints of discrimination?

Or do you mask your kids and tell them you’re sorry? Do you make a game of it, or provide the newest fashionable choices in thoughtless submission? Do you take them to the doctor for bacterial infections caused by masks and then put the mask back on your child, tell them you’re sorry, and again give in. Have you said, “No!” only to give in when challenged?

Note that while all of this is happening, your children are being bombarded with tv, videos, movies and music labeling adults as unnecessary, useless, bumbling idiots.

Your children are watching and waiting for you to decide what’s more important. Is it them? Or is it something else? Every single day, your actions prove your choice. No one else can do this for you.

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