A Rose by any other name

Years ago, I wondered why the Republicans and Democrats chose animal mascots. There are lots of options out there.

Well, as I’m sure you can guess, now… Now I know. A rose by any other name wouldn’t smell as sweet. Republicans are hardly sweet smelling, so the animal that produces 70 Kilograms of poop every day actually seems like a good fit.

And that, has been very, very apparent this year.

Our local representatives specifically stated that they would represent the concerns and interests of our district, but especially that they would represent the members of our local GOP district. They each promised to be a “hard worker” and that they would “listen twice and speak once.”

Now that we’ve seen what actual work they do, it’s all a bit laughable. We have no idea if they listen as they never speak to us “little people.” Whomever they are listening to, isn’t encouraging them to do any work. Researching legal implications and simple sentence construction (aka writing back to constituents) are 99% absent all together.

When regular citizens take the time to research an issue, then in concern and care they contact a representative multiple times. They ask them to do the honorable thing- to protect children. This is the response they get:

Actually, these people are supposed to feel grateful that they even got a reply. Most don’t.

Now, we know we have no voice. The representative system of government is based on the idea that a person takes on the role of being the voice for a large group of individuals who are all busily bringing home the bacon. The group employs the representative to be their voice.

And yeah… it’s not working… at all. Ask your local representative to vote for fairness, equality and that common sense rules (like due process) apply to every individual, ya know equally. They do the exact opposite.

Rules for thee, but not for me is the new norm.

So what do we do? Complain of Facebook and Twitter? Spend our days turning into talk radio? Hem and haw over the latest “presidential” blunder?


Make time to attend the local school board meeting. Find your local political party’s meeting and go. Buy a copy of one of these:

and read it.

Start meeting people in real life again. Your phone (she types into her phone) won’t fix a culture that is heading toward the cliffs at breakneck speed.

You need to act. You need to rely on God to care for your family, not your ability to appease the bullies trying to control every aspect of our lives.


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