And that, my fellow citizens, is tyranny.

Guest Post:

We who live for faith, family, and freedom are being told there is no place for us in America. Not by our neighbors, who are mostly decent people trying to get by, but by corrupt institutions which manipulate public sentiment in favor of hatred, division, and lies.

We waited mostly quietly and obediently last summer–despite our inner anguish–while rioters burned our cities and beat our neighbors in the streets. What were we waiting for? The election, where we would exert our wills lawfully through our sacred right to vote.

We did not loot and burn.

We did not throw bricks at abortion clinics, though we know abortion to be genocide.

We prayed.

We did not storm Drag Queen Story Hour and demand to be acknowledge and obeyed.

We did what civilized people do, praying for a fair outcome. 80 million people voted for Donald Trump, hoping to preserve what freedom we had left. But even our votes were subverted. Lies, evil, darkness—the new America.

“But what about the storming of the Capitol?” What happened at the Capitol on January 6 was a disgrace, but it wasn’t the fault of patriots. The event’s bizarre and documented inconsistencies confirm this, no matter how loudly and repetitively the television says otherwise.

All you state legislators who bypassed due process in favor of mob rule during the Simons affair, you show us that the rot of D.C. has crept into state and local government.

All you citizens who continue to submit to tyranny—medical, religious, financial—ask yourselves this: what should a free and open society look like? Compare your quality of life today to that of your parents at your age. Do you think you’re better off?

Can Americans really call themselves free?

If not, is the reason systemic racism or might it be systemic governmental control? Is systemic racism forcing a mask on your face? Is it forcing people’s businesses to close? Is it closing churches while leaving open liquor stores and Walmart? Is systemic racism depriving your child of a quality educational and social experiences? No, your public officials are.

And that, my fellow citizens, is tyranny.

-Thank you E!! is not only here for my own personal venting needs. Yes, I attempt to share knowledge, but my goal is also to help women everywhere take back motherhood from those that have pigeonholed us into a class of empty-headed nose wipers. is happy to publish the writings of conservative women. Please use the contact form if you are interested!


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