A Spade

If there’s one thing that’s been drummed into society as a whole in the last 40 or so years, it’s that one group of people is caring, loving and kind. The other… just isn’t. This idea is so prevalent that we have cute little catch-phrases with which to identify each – the bleeding hearts and the heartless. Just ask Psychology Today. (14) Liberals are happy and loving. Regardless of how loving and caring a conservative claims to be, according to such authorities, they really just aren’t caring at all. No amount of education, no analysis, no sharing of the truth, no actual dedication of one’s life to helping others has any great impact on these erroneous labels.

As a result, the very bedrock of communication has changed. Attempts at catch-phrases or teaching moments, have only been turned back on us, and we’ve conceded in defeat. In doing so, we have given the power of language away. Trying to navigate this is pokey, painful life we cower in fear afraid of the next unjustified, incorrect rebuke. We are a nation walking on yolk-y egg shells. Hoping for the slippery broken pieces to solidify so that we can rebuild.

Unfortunately, hoping won’t make it so. Our best bet is to take back the truth. Kick aside the egg shells, wiggle your feet down through the yolks, and find the good old dirt underneath. Stop hoping someone will let you build in a new, safe, happy place, someday. Stop asking to “just be left alone.” Stand for the truth, demand truth and stop letting things go. It’s time to call a spade, a spade.

A bleeding heart liberal, in truth, has almost no heart at all. What they do have, is a wealth of laziness, an abundance of empty rhetorical trickery and a lack of true compassion. Yes, I know many liberals who do really feel that they care. However, they don’t care enough to determine if their course of action is actually helpful. As I have taught children, if you come across a small dog who is starving, you obviously want to help it. Is feeding it the chocolate bar in your backpack going to help? Yes, you cared. Yes, you did something. Yes, you gave it food. But did you help? Wanting to help is not the same a being helpful. Feeling that you care is not the same thing as actually caring. Actually caring requires work and time and knowledge.

Sure liberals can talk about compassion until the cows come home, but rarely do they actually demonstrate their love for others in anything beyond self-identifying as caring and voting for welfare, socialism and the arts. Voting these days is the equivalent of asking someone else to solve the problem. Our elected leaders, just like most voters, are more interested in talk than action. We vote for “leaders” who will fix things, then those “leaders” vote for another someone to fix things in exchange for buckets of money. Money does not even come close to creating a solution. Throwing someone else’s money (taxes) at a problem actually makes things worse.

Three Examples:

Affirmative Action

Once hailed as the cure for what ails the African American, America has invested billions in “helping” African American citizens compete against their “white” peers. Yet, has it actually helped? Internationally famous author, former Marxist and economist Thomas Sowell describes Affirmative Action as a system of use in his book, “Preferential Policies”. The Universities use the African American students to promote their school as “wonderfully diverse.” However, they do not work to ensure that the African American students create for themselves a successful college career and life. Quite the opposite, the Universities, professors and activist groups, like BLM, use the students as “window dressing”, then toss them aside. When 70% of Affirmative Action students at UC Berkley fail to graduate, the University itself is unconcerned. The students served their purpose of “creating diversity” and “meeting quotas”. (1) When discussing the “income disparity” which the money thrown at Affirmative Action is intended to resolve, Sowell provides clear data demonstrating that the negative effects of slavery were actually much less than the negative effects of liberal policies like Affirmative Action. (2) Further, due to Affirmative Action and other liberal policies, the emotional levels of racial strife in America are growing to all time highs.


I am not going to discuss the illogical and cruel manner in which “whites” are treated and discussed in current pop culture. Rather, I see that the vastly more important issue, is the rampant killing of African American children. On average, 711 black children are killed every single day in America. (9) However, this isn’t something you’ll see on the street corners or hear discussed on the news. No, this is done by the followers of Margaret Sanger. Sanger’s stated goals include to “assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit” (4) and “We desire to stop at its source… race deterioration.” (5) Looking at crime statistics you will find that there are under 7,000 African Americans killed every year in the USA. (6) Of course this statistic does not include babies. If it did…

If bleeding heart liberals cared, they would know that abortion is the largest killer of black Americans in the USA and they would work towards it’s end. Instead, 259,366 black Americans are killed by abortion each year. More than every other leading cause of death for black Americans, combined. “If as a society, we are truly sincere about rooting out institutionalized racism from the structures of our society, we must ensure the abortion giants like Planned Parenthood are the first to be dismantled.” (3) We must stop listening to people like Hillary Clinton who promote abortion because every abortion increases her wealth. (10) (11)

Health Freedom

Along with the Marxist liberal idea that wealth is obtained through subjugating “the masses” we are also supposed to believe that the health of an individual is now only obtained, by also, subjugating the masses. Each person is now responsible for the personal health of all others. If you disagree or if your body does not respond the same as others, you are told that you’re killing someone. Like so much of the liberal world view, personal responsibility is rejected. Rather than recognizing that knowledge, work and care produce positive effects, laziness and feeling are our guiding principles. Now that we refer to ourselves as a herd, differences in opinion or experience are not allowed. The group that cries, “My body. My choice!” when killing an innocent or promoting self-mutilation, does the exact opposite with the remainder of medical care.

The thread that remains the same though, is the crude, malicious manner in which people who disagree are spoken of. Try out a web search for “Vaccinate your fucking kids” and you’ll see a wealth of examples of the “loving” manner in which liberals interact with their neighbors. Look up the hashtag, #wedid, and you can find the responses of parents of vaccine injured children the world over. However, here is one of those attempted teachable moments, that backfired. “Wedid” produces all kinds of search results on the internet, few of which relate to reality of vaccine injured children. Dig further in the search “Vaccinate your ________ kids” you’ll find super love-filled little tidbits from the tolerant left like, “Stop looking for a cure for Autism” (8) and ‘Keep your crotch goblins [children] away from my wedding.’ (12)

And here’s the point where I go beyond the neat, happy little, three point, easily summarize-able web article. The problem we face is a many tentacled beast. Sure, I could stop just a few lines above- a quick digestible complaint. Unfortunately I have many, many, many, more examples.

All of these were collected today, in about an hour. Some are local, like the Bismarck city attorney, Janelle Combs, stating that Nazi morality was acceptable because morality is determined by the ruling party. Some are new, some are old. Notice that killing people is a common theme. What’s more loving than murdering babies and old people, right? What all of these examples are, is just the tip of the iceberg. A popular 2020 analogy is the Titanic, none of us who see the light of January 1, 2021 will escape the sinking ship of 2020. The iceberg bearing down on us, isn’t Covid-19, it’s hateful, lazy, uncaring people who would much rather assume that someone else has fixed the ills of society. Better to be a “bleeding heart liberal” than have to get off of your couch, out of your routine, or discover the truth. The truth is: you and I, our choices, our fear, are the reasons that “Covid-19” has destroyed so much.

We have chosen the box on the wall (or in our hand) as our source of knowledge, work and care. Want to know what’s happening, what’s true? Ask the box. Feel like you need to do some work? Play a game, or hunt down some good buys. Want to demonstrate that you care? Turn on your social media and show off the latest virtual signal. The box, the boob tube, the brain sucker has taken over. And mostly, we just don’t care anymore. We are happy with our 30 minutes of evening hate, our fear and our digital hunt. That is why we just want to be left alone. That is why we are waiting for some fantasy, a new, safe, place will be given to us. We are too distracted by the flashing colorful lights to think for ourselves.

Stop. It’s time to call a spade, a spade. Only through truth can we hope to maintain our freedoms and actually live in some semblance of peace and love.


I just keep seeing more examples, so they are getting added to the below:

(1) Thomas Sowell: affirmative action creates academic failure & resentment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVvnTByzTmA
(2)Thomas Sowell on the Myths of Income Disparity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS5WYp5xmvI
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(13) https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-human-beast/201210/why-liberal-hearts-bleed-and-conservatives-dont


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