As the biennial Legislative Season Opener has quietly slipped by, we should all quickly post our land, at least proverbially. We should also vigilantly be on the look out for drunk legislators- drunk on actual spirits or simply on false power… eh… who’s to say? Either way, we need to be aware of legislators who’s actions/votes may decrease the safety and freedom available to us, the plain old, law abiding, people of North Dakota.

I don’t think enough legislators quite realize that we know they are too lazy to read bills for themselves.

Our selected officials think we don’t see how foolishly, they sheepishly do as they are told.

They, especially, seem to think we don’t understand how our lives and livelihoods are bartered for their gain.

So let’s get together, with a virtual sign post and some digital sledge hammers in hand, here’s a handy no trespassing list, North Dakota style:


1) Abortion is not a right.

(Good job getting that lawsuit stay in place so RINOs could continue to beat that drum?

Did you even bother to tell all of ND that abortion is still legal and available at hospitals across the state, even though the clinic in Fargo’s Kopelman building is five miles east now? Saving that for your next campaign speech?

BTW: Abortion is not our number one issue. Le gasp! I know you’re fake surprised, but really get over it. We see the cash you rake in pretending to do something.

2) Parents of children have every right to keep them safe and to determine for their child what safety is.

3) Pedophilia/MAP is not a gender.

4) We do not accept the new concept of “Sudden Death” for children nor adults. Codifying it into law is not sneaky. It’s blatant.

5) Number One Issue, the issue no one will talk about: firearms freedom, the constitutional kind. No new regulation filled mumbo jumbo that only prevents law abiding people from protecting their families and themselves.

6) Election fraud is unacceptable at any level. (see false power above). Election laws which further hide public records are absolutely unacceptable.

BTW: If election equipment is critical infrastructure just like roads and bridges, show me where these hidden roads and bridges that are used but unseeable are. Why are our Sunshine Laws being ignored and openly subverted?

7) Stenehjem’s emails are so obviously retrievable. (Either you really think we’re dumb, or it is you that lacks understanding.)

I’d like to our legislators standing together quoting Lina Lamont, “What do they think I am, dumb or something?”

Anyone who contributed to their suppression, must be put on trial for federal crimes.

8) You know we’ve been asking for tax relief. You’ve refused and those innumerable appropriations bills keep asking for debt relief. Perhaps y’all have already spent our state’s budget surplus, hmmm? Why is it necessary to declare an emergency deferment?

Kinda funny that you’re attempting a flat tax that raises our taxes while incredibly lowering your own. Yeah, that’s sarcasm, it’s not funny.

9) The Department of Health and Human Services does not need a 5.4 billion dollar budget. What is the extra 1.5 billion for? What is the role of the new regulated Community Health Task Force? Is that like a police force? Will you provide them with weapons?

10) Number Two issue with the average North Dakotan, but Number One issue that will quickly see you kicked off of your lofty, purchased, pedestal: Allowing foreign corporations to take over farming in ND is some twisted excuse of updating technology. Come on people! Yes, ND never let go of jeans jackets, but for goodness sake, you really want to go with “Our farming technology is a failure?”

Can we get that group Lina Lamont quote, please????

There’s a saying, ‘don’t attribute to malice what can be explained by ignorance.’ Willful ignorance however, is simply lazy malice.

Not a single voter voted for you to vote your conscience. That would have been silly, as 99% of our legislature has proven they don’t have one. No, you were selected on the premise that you would act as our representative.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the campaign contribution you received from {insert mega-multi-national conglomerate/money launderer here} gives you a free pass.


Mr. Just A Mom believes this posted list is far too convoluted. So you can look forward to simple, short, break downs on odious bills and policy proposals.

Next up:

It’s not like we’re planning to kill grandma, promise.


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